• date : 2016
  • client :
  • status : Done
  • location : Lavason, Iran


Khaneh Kaboutar is a multifunctional building designed to convey various narratives reflecting the employer's appreciation for poetry, music, and art. Incorporating elements such as Persian calligraphy, miniature paintings, and sculptures adorned with mystical words of love, the structure spans three levels and prioritizes a welcoming and unpretentious atmosphere. Located for affordability and proximity to Tehran, the building features locally sourced materials and in-house designed sculptures. It serves as a venue for diverse events including cultural festivals, ceremonies, and exhibitions, while also providing financial support for charity students and offering residential accommodation. The building is divided into private residences and public offices, maintaining a cohesive facade while ensuring a unified perception of exterior spaces for pedestrians. The main structure boasts concrete columns, beams, and pre-stressed slabs, along with innovative 16-meter-long retractable windows in the hall. Despite challenges in structural calculations and coordination due to the unique window design, the project achieves smooth functionality and durability, setting a precedent for similar constructions in Iran.



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